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Term Dates

Franciscan Primary School consults with the local authority a year in advance on it's term dates. We aim to coincide with the surrounding schools wherever possible.



Term Dates 2016/2017 




Staff training day – school closed                                 Monday 5th September 2016

Staff training day – school closed                                 Tuesday 6th September 2016


First day of autumn term for pupils                              Wednesday 7th September 2016

Meet the teacher afternoon                                          Tuesday 20th   September 2016


Nursery pupils will be admitted during the first half of this term


Open Evening for parents                                              Thursday 13th   October 2016



Autumn half-term holiday                                              Monday 24th – Friday 28th October


Staff training day - school closed                                   Monday 31st October 2016


Last day of autumn term                                                 Wednesday 21st December 2016





Staff training day – school closed                                 Tuesday 3rd January 2017


First day of spring term for pupils                                 Wednesday 4th   January 2017


Spring half-term holiday                                                 Monday 13th - Friday 17th February                                                                                           2017 


Open Evening for parents                                                Thursday 23rd  March 2017


Last day of spring term                                                    Friday 31st March 2017




First day of summer term for pupils                              Tuesday 18th April 2017


Bank Holiday – school closed                                         Monday 1st May 2017


Summer half term holiday                                              Monday 29th   May – Friday 2nd June                                                                                           2017


Staff training day – school closed                                  Monday 5th June 2017


Open Evening for parents                                               Thursday 29th June 2017


Last day of summer term for pupils                                Friday 21st July 2017


ABSENCES – Please read carefully

Absence from school (other than illness or health appointments) is at the discretion of the Headteacher.   LEA advice indicates that the Head should consider exceptional circumstances. Children only attend school for 38 weeks per year. As there are 14 weeks of holidays there is no reason to take children out of school for excessive periods of time. If for any reason it is your intention to take your child away during term time please fill out a form. You may also be requested to make an appointment with the school or the EWO officer. If this does not take place the absence will be unauthorised, referred to the EWO and could be the subject of a fixed penalty fine or court action.