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School Trips


 Yr 3 St Georges Hospital    Yr 5 Sky trip


Field trips and visits to places of educational interest are an integral part of our curriculum. In addition, each summer Year 6 children enjoy a residential trip to an outdoor activity centre. All trips are planned in advance, properly supervised, well organised and safe. We welcome the involvement of parents in helping to supervise these outings.


We do not have sufficient funds to subsidise every outing, so we rely on voluntary contributions. While the Education Reform Act (1988) states that there is no legal obligation for parents to contribute to activities that take place during school hours, we are able to ask for contributions. Pupils will be treated the same regardless of whether or not a contribution is made, however, there may have to be cancellations if sufficient funds are not raised.


The Year 6 school journey which takes place at the end of the summer term is subsidised for all pupils, so that we can keep costs down for everyone.