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Physical Education

All children and young people (aged 5 - 18) should experience regular high quality Physical Education (PE). The medical evidence is too strong to not have PE as a compulsory subject in the curriculum. At Franciscan, we provide the broad and balanced programme of physical education your child is entitled to; with activities designed to be enjoyable, vigorous, purposeful and regular. Through providing positive experiences, a lifelong interest in physical activity is encouraged. The range of physical activities is wide and includes athletics, dance, games, gymnastics, swimming and outdoor education. A high quality programme is designed to satisfy the needs, abilities and interests of all individual children. There will be some children who prefer individual activities to competitive team games and others who enjoy aesthetic movement.


Children are given many opportunities to develop their interests through a planned PE programme that aims to develop knowledge, understanding, skills and above all, a positive attitude towards sport and physical activity.

Within the broad philosophy that taking part is more important than winning, individual talents and sporting attitudes are encouraged, together with those social and personal qualities inherent in both team and individual activities. These include the acceptance of responsibility, loyalty and cooperation, determination, tolerance and the enjoyment of success as well as simply taking part.

Together with other subjects, PE helps to prepare pupils for adult life and contributes to the development of a wide range of physical, personal, social, learning and thinking skills.

Opportunities also exist in PE for pupils to gradually be given more responsibility to plan, lead and organise events and develop the right attitude to competition - to be positive in defeat and gracious in victory. PE can help your child to develop positive attitudes which lead to success.


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PE Curriculum

PE at Franciscan Primary School is a very important part of our curriculum. It is taught for at least two hours per week in KS1 and KS2. In the Early Years, we encourage physical activity and a love of the outdoors through having free-flow to the outdoor area every day. Our indoor facilities consist of three halls with a main PE focus in the Early Years hall, where there are many different apparatus for all children to access. Outside, we have two large playgrounds with painted lines and climbing apparatus, an outside area for Reception class which includes climbing apparatus and space for discovery play. Unlike many schools, we have a designanted PE Teacher as well a PE Apprentice who facilitate PE accross the school.


PE Kit

It is essential children are prepared for PE sessions. The PE kit is blue shorts and plain red T- shirt with the option of blue track suit bottoms for outside games.  Children have bare feet for gymnastics and dance for safety reasons and high quality movement. Children need plimsolls to move from the classroom to the hall.  We encourage all children to wear trainers for outdoor PE as we feel they are more secure than plimsolls.

It is important that every child takes part in PE and wears the appropriate kit.



This is an important part of the PE Curriculum and pupils in KS2 travel to Tooting Leisure Centre on rotation throughout the year. From Year 4 all our children take part in a weekly swimming lesson taught by two qualified swimming instructors at the Leisure Centre. Some children are selected to swim for the local club from attending their swimming lessons.
They are regularly tested for swimming; 10m, 25m and 50m.



In order to ensure our children are involved in structured play at lunchtimes, we are training Active Leaders from Year 5/6 to arrange and lead a variety of sporting activities and games for other children. 


Parent Participation!


Your child can experience many benefits, both physically and mentally, as a direct result of their participation in some form of physical education - and a higher level of participation can often lead to greater rewards. Parents can do much to help their child gain the greatest benefit from physical education by taking an interest, offering encouragement, and if possible joining in.

Always be ready to encourage your child whenever they experience difficulty, and give praise for effort. Remember: praise when your child has done their best is as important as praise for being the best. Accompany your child to sporting events and festivals whenever you can, particularly if he or she is a competitor.



We offer a range of activites out of school. These include lunchtime games and after school sessions. Throughout the year we offer extra classes in sports such as; street dance, football, table tennis, netball, glee club, yoga, tennis, Indian dance, Futsal and Change4Life.

Our school has both a girls and boys football team with regular fixtures taking place against local schools in the Wandsworth Borough. We are in The Golden League Tournament which takes place at Hillbrook School throughout the year; this takes place on a Thursday after school. Parents and spectators are more than welcome to come and cheer the team on!

We have a developing netball team in KS2 and they play local schools on our school site or at other local primary schools.



The benefits of physical education need not be restricted to your child at school. The whole family can enjoy good health and physical well-being with gentle, regular exercise. A brisk, half hour walk three times a week is better for you and less dangerous than some other activities. Gradually build up your fitness by walking, jogging, cycling or swimming. You never know, it could be fun getting fit with family and friends, and it could make the world of difference to your health.