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Early Years 


In Franciscan the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum is taught over 2 years and begins in the Nursery. The children are assessed continuously according to their age against the 7 areas of learning, which is broken down into 17 aspects e.g. the Literacy area of learning contains the aspects- reading and writing.


Each aspect is summarised at the end of reception, as an early learning goal.


The ability/or attainment of each child is assessed against these ‘early learning goals’.


The report indicates whether children are:


  • Emerging (1) - Not yet reaching expected levels of development
  • Expected (2) - Meeting levels of development 
  • Exceeding (3) – Exceeding expected levels of development


The end of the report describes how your child thinks, engages and is motivated as a learner. These are the 3 characteristics of effective learning which permeate all the areas of learning.


The children are said to have a good level of development (GLD) if they achieve 2 or 3 in all Personal, Social, Emotional Development,(PSED) , Physical, Communication and Language, Literacy and Maths areas of learning.



Years 1-6 


Since September 2016, all children across Key Stage 1 and 2 have been taught the new National Curriculum, which no longer uses levels to measure pupil attainment.  There are now three descriptions of attainment, to identify children’s learning progress.


Working towards the expected standard - Some children may be working towards the expected standard for their age.


At the expected standard - The expectation now is that children will have secure knowledge of the curriculum for their age group and therefore working at the expected standard for their age.


Working at greater depth within the expected standard - Some children may be working at greater depth, within the expected standard for their age.


  • The report includes various statements of age-related skills/attainment for each subject, relevant to your child’s year group
  • This is accompanied by a tick box where the teacher has assessed whether you child is working towards, working at or at greater depth within the expected standard
  • The comment box beneath each of these gives you further information on your child’s progress this year
  • The report also indicates a child’s effort and attitude in each subject and their progress for the current year
  • The final sections provide an overview of your child’s general attitude, their personal and social development and a comment from your child.

 At various stages throughout the school, the children sit assessment tests which provide a measure of attainment allowing pupil progress to be monitored.  We regularly measure the children’s progress according to their knowledge, skills and understanding of the curriculum.