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Staff at Franciscan Primary School work together to ensure that the children, who are at the heart of our school, are given the best education, support and schooling experience there is to offer.

Our highly qualified and experienced Teachers offer the children an all-round exceptional education, under the guidance and support of a Leadership Team striving to move the school forward.

The Teaching Assistants, Learning Mentors and Administration staff are all vital to the successful running of the school and take pride in ensuring that the children are the focus of our work.


Leadership Team


Pat André-Watson - Headteacher


Jackey Wilson - Deputy Headteacher

Naomi Davies  - Early Years Phase Lead

Ruby Farooqi-Patel -  Y1/Y2 Phase Lead

Joseph Bolt - Y3/Y4 Phase Lead

Diane Nam -  Y5/Y6 Phase Lead

Juliette Beedie - SENCO


School Office


Joanna Gibbons - School Business Manager

Geraldine Gale - Finance Officer

Suhaila Nadeem - Admissions & Attendance Officer

Amanda Tinsley - Receptionist


Classroom Teachers 


Early Years Building

Naomi Davies - Foundation Stage Lead/Cherry Class Nursery Teacher

Naomi Kabutey - Apple Class Nursery Teacher

Shola Ayodele - Elm Reception Teacher



Middle Building

Lily Revell-Rohr - Year 1 Teacher

Shola Ayodele- Year 1 Teacher

Maria Gurdas- Year 2 Teacher

Lee Kirwan- Year 2 Teacher

Joseph Bolt- Year 3 Teacher

Natasha Gavin- Year 3 Teacher (Maternity Leave)

Florence Tat - Year 3 Teacher (Maternity cover)


Okeburn Building

Nina Kooseenlin - Year 4 Teacher

Sammy Newman- Year 4 Teacher

Harry Banks- Year 5 Teacher

Michaela Howard - Year 5 Teacher

Anita Sharif - Year 6 Teacher

Vivienne Dompreh - Year 6 Teacher


Other Teachers 


Nigel Morgan - Support Teacher (0.7 fte)

David Hepburn - Support Teacher (0.8 fte)


Jessica Newland - PE Coach

David Fitzgerald - Music Teacher (0.8 fte)

Pippa Emanuel - Dance Teacher (0.2 fte)

Tim Barron - Music Teacher (0.2 fte)