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Special Educational Needs

All children are special, but sometimes difficulties may prevent a child gaining the full advantage from the educational opportunities offered within their class. At Franciscan we have screening procedures for identifying and assessing children’s special educational needs. Often these learning difficulties are relatively minor and can be overcome with extra help from the class teacher.


Sometimes additional support is provided or arranged by our Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) and, where necessary, specialist outside experts, such as educational psychologists and literacy support teachers, are called in. If we find that we are still not adequately meeting a child’s needs, we will ask for a full assessment under Section 76 of the 1981 Education Act. The parents’ permission will be sought at every stage of this process. We will always try hard to attract whatever additional resources are recommended to enable a child with special educational needs to stay at Franciscan Primary School.


Below you will find a number of policies and supporting documents detailing our SEND support.