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Franciscan Reception

The Reception year caters for children aged 4 and 5. For many children this will be the first step in to school and academic life, whilst others may have attended Nurseries or playgroups.


We recognise that this transistion may be a daunting process, so we aim to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our new and existing children, ensuring a gentle transition in to school life. We follow the EYFS curriculum in order to provide all of our children an equal platform and excellent foundation from which to begin their academic career. 


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Baseline Assessment


The purpose of the 'Baseline Assessment' is to assess each child’s level of development at the beginning of their formal schooling, i.e. Reception year, in order to measure how they’ve progressed by age 11. The government says the ‘Baseline’ will ensure higher standards and that all pupils receive the attention they deserve.


The Assessment we have opted to use -Early Excellence Baseline Assessment- closely matches the methods of assessment we have always used in our school, that generally being through observations of children as they learn and play.


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