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Ethos & Values

At Franciscan Primary School we strive to be;


  • a welcoming school where everyone matters and feels cared for, safe and secure
  • a school strengthened by its rich cultural diversity and harmonious relationships where the partnership with parents, governors and the community enrich the learning experience for all
  • a school with opportunities for all to learn and succeed and where everyone feels included, proud of their achievements and valued as individuals
  • a school with high standards where all aspire to excel and where learning is fun, challenging, creative and fulfilling
  • a school that instils a life-long love of learning and everyone takes responsibility for their learning and actions
  • a school community in which everyone shows respect for themselves, for others and for the environment


Our vision is to provide an education of the highest quality within the context and understanding of shared values; care, consideration, cooperation, honesty, responsibility, respect and openness.  Overall as a school we endorse UN Convention on the Rights of the Child(CRC) and this is at the heart of our school ethos : rights and respect in all relationships, whether between children or children and adults.  We aim to empower children to engage in collaborative decision making and develop positive relationships on all levels across the school community.



From our aims and vision the whole school community works to put these into practice and we strive to achieve the following objectives:


  • A happy, calm and nurturing school community
  • An inclusive education for all
  • A stimulating learning environment in which all contribute High expectations and standards in learning and behaviour
  • Access to a varied curriculum and opportunities
  • Everyone is aware of their rights and responsibilities
  • Positive and diverse role models
  • Mutual respect, understanding and tolerance
  • Develop self motivation, independence and confidence