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Children's Centre

Franciscan Children’s Centre would like to welcome you.

Our Children’s Centre is a place where local families with young children can go and enjoy activities and receive the support that they need. Sometimes support may be offered in the home.


We are a free all year round service that is part of your local community offering an excellent cohesion and understanding using the provision of universal early childhood services and support for parents and families integrating services locally, such as parenting support, employment advice, general support and healthy lifestyles. We are here to offer integrated early learning for families with babies and children until they are five years old. We aim to provide help and support young children and families as soon as there is a need, helping to prevent any problems developing.

We use the early year’s framework to develop an understanding of your child’s learning so that they are happy, healthy and ready for school.

Our aim is to improve outcomes for children and Parents including wider family members such as grandparents, with a particular focus on families most in need of support regardless of background or family circumstances.

On your first visit we will ask you to complete a membership form and this will entitle you to attend any children’s centre in Wandsworth. Some of the services here offer access to other professionals, some of these services are: Stay & play and early education, ante-natal education for teen mums, postnatal support via the Ruby Team at St Georges Hospital, breastfeeding promotion and support, working with families with disabled children, obesity, diet and nutrition advice, promotion of active play, mind health such as depression, speech and language development, advice on accident and injury prevention, ESOL, numeracy and literacy and holiday activities. The only thing that you need to do to join some of our classes/groups will be to attend some of our universal open groups such as stay & play and have a child 5 and under.


Our Advisory Board

Is a group of parents and professionals who are acting on behalf of the centre. This is our centres governance and will help us look at our community and what is needed. If you are interesting in supporting this please ask to see if there is a vacancy and what role you would be interested in such as chair, minute taker, volunteer etc.


Parents Advisory Board and Volunteers

Whether you are interested in improving services for your family and community, or considering working with children or going back to work/education - find out how you can become more involved



We are so lucky to have so many parents wanting to give something back. Our volunteers have a role description, work set hours and offer support such as admin, outreach, cover for crèches, stories and songs etc. We can then offer you a reference if you are looking to go back to work. We have recently had many parents go back to work and found this a good way of building up their confidence to move into a career, job or education.


If any of this information interests you please call or pop in for more details.


Janet Ketibuah,


Children's Centre Manager


Franciscan Children's Centre

221 Franciscan Road


SW17 8HQ


T: 0208 672 3048