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Academy Consultation

We are delighted to let you know that Franciscan Primary School is to join the Graveney Trust. 

What will change


Academy conversion

Franciscan will become an academy. This involves a legal process which will take some time to complete. There will be a separate statutory consultation on this and staff, parents and other people in the community will have the opportunity to express their views on the conversion proposals.


Graveney Trust Vision and Ethos

Graveney Trust believes in a traditional approach to education, where academic success is supported by excellent behaviour which arises from the respect for each other and their school. This vision fits well with Franciscan’s core values as a ‘rights respecting school’. At the same time, innovation is highly valued. Opportunities to experiment and extend learning ensures that Graveney Trust schools can challenge perceptions and raise the bar for both staff and pupils. Franciscan is a good school that already has a well established vision and ethos as well as excellent systems and approaches to school improvement. Franciscan will work with the Trust to develop these still further.


Leadership and Governance

The Headteacher and Governing Body will work with the Trust’s core leadership team who, between them, have a wealth of experience in school improvement with demonstrable evidence of the success of their approach. Working together to continue on the journey from good to outstanding will be an exciting and invigorating phase in the development of the school.


Teaching and Learning

The opportunities for sharing good practice between the Trust’s schools will bring benefits all round. Franciscan and Graveney Trust staff will work together to achieve the highest possible standards of teaching and learning. This partnership will also bring opportunities for Franciscan to share specialist facilities at Graveney, for example in Science and Technology, as part of enriching provision at Key Stage 2.


Extra Curricular Opportunities

Being part of a Trust brings opportunities to work collaboratively across schools. The very close proximity of Franciscan to Tooting Primary means that pupils from the two schools can come together for cross curricular and extra curricular work, trips and activities. As well as the potential for boosting progress generally, collaboration also helps develop wider social skills, resilience and independence.


Positioning within the local schools market

Good quality image and branding (a key feature of all three schools) provides a clear signal to parents and pupils about expectations and aspirations. The school is to be re-named Franciscan House (subject to consultation) and there will be a new school uniform from September 2018. Pupils will wear their uniform with pride and will be immediately recognizable as part of a high achieving organization with the very highest expectations. The new uniform for existing pupils will be subsidised.


What will stay the same


The Curriculum

As a Trust school, the core curriculum will remain the same and will continue to reflect the requirements of the National Curriculum. The school will continue to work as part of the wider family of Wandsworth schools, as it currently does, participating in cross borough staff development, leadership forums etc. Arrangements for assessment will be unchanged and the school will continue to participate in cross-borough moderation arrangements and SATS will be taken by all pupils at Key Stages 1 and 2.


The Staff

Franciscan staff will become employees of the Graveney Trust. The transfer will be seamless and there will be no disruption to the normal working of the school.


The admissions criteria

The admissions criteria will not change either for the Nursery or the Reception intake. Full details can be found on the Franciscan website.


How can I find out more?

If you are a current or prospective parent/carer and have any questions about this change please fill out the form below:


Survey for parent/carers


If you are a member of the local community and would like to register for more information about this exciting development please fill out the form below:


Community consultation form


You can visit the school and hear about plans for the future and how to apply on the following dates:


16th November at 9.15am - Meet the Headteacher and see the school at work


21st November at 6.00pm - Meet the Headteacher and representatives from the Graveney Trust


29th November at 9.15am - Meet the Headteacher and see the school at work