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We are delighted to let you know that Franciscan Primary School is

proposing to join the Graveney Trust


This exciting development will bring with it all the benefits of being part of a family of mutually supportive local schools. Graveney Trust is currently responsible for Graveney School and Tooting Primary, both of which are Ofsted ‘outstanding’. Parents with children seeking Reception places in central Tooting will thus have two excellent Graveney Trust schools to choose from for September 2018.


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'Everyone is kind and the teachers help us a lot'. Diana 6D

'You I enjoy that I can build good relationships with the staff that teach my nephew and meet other parents at the parent group' – Diane Oaka

'The Teachers and TA's show such a caring side to my children and really help them personally' – Pratima Khurana

'My children are very lucky to have such caring Support Staff' - Cheryl Gough