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The Trust has consulted on its schools' admission arrangements for September 2020 entry.


Franciscan became part of the Graveney Trust in September 2018.


As a result, responsibilty for admission to the school transferred from the Local Authority to the Graveney Trust. The Trust proposed introducing a new admissions criterion giving priority to the children of staff working at the school, as is the case in its other schools. It also proposed to bring its Nursery admission criteria in line with those of Franciscan Primary School.


The consultation has finished and the changes to the criteria have been finalised. Please see attched the admission criteria for September 2020 for Franciscan Primary School.




 Reception Entrants 



Outcomes for September 2020.

If you applied online you will be emailed the outcome of your application on the evening of 16 April 2021.  If you applied on a paper form, you will be sent an outcome letter by first class mail on 16 April 2021. Please also see information in Choose a Wandsworth Primary School.


Nursery Applications 

The following information is taken from the Choosing Early Education in Wandsworth.


Franciscan Primary School Nursery and Reception spaces are subject to a priority area. Children living in the areas are given priority over those living elsewhere. However living in a priority area does not guarantee a place at the school. This will depend on the demand for places from people living in the priority area in a particular year. Parents are advised to apply to other schools as well, in case their application is unsuccessful.


Admission criteria for Franciscan Primary school places are offered in the following order:


  1. Children looked after, or who have an allocated social worker who has provided written support of the application or children who are the subject of adoption, residence order, child arrangements order or special guardianship order who were previously looked after by a Local Authority.
  2. Children who are recommended for a place at that school following an action plan agreed by a multidisciplinary group (for example TAC).
  3. Children living inside the priority area with a brother or sister who will still be at the school in September 2020.
  4. Other children living inside the priority area in order of distance from home to the school in a straight line.
  5. Other children living outside the priority area with a brother or sister who will still be at the school in September 2020.
  6. Children who live nearest to the school as measured by a straight line from home to school as calculated by Wandsworth Council’s Geographical Information System.

Exceptional Circumstances


The Director of Education and Social Services has discretion to give higher priority where:


  • A parent or guardian provides professionally supported evidence at the time of application that their child has an acute medical or personal need for a place.
  • Refusal of a place would result in an unreasonable journey to an alternative school.

Applications within any of the above categories will be considered in order of distance from home to school as measured by a straight line by Wandsworth Council’s Geographical Information System.



Nursery Entrants


Please apply to the school directly using the Application form below.


Parents can apply for full time or part time places subject to availability.


For part time, parents can choose from either 5 morning sessions or 5 afternoon sessions or 2 and half days. A morning part-time place is from 8.55am to 11.55am.  An afternoon session is from 12.15pm to 3.15pm.


Nursery Application Form



30 and 15 Hour Entitlement 


From September 2017, as part of the government’s manifesto, working parents of 3 and 4 year olds will receive a total of 30 hours of funded childcare a week, for 38 weeks a year. This will comprise of:-


  • The universal 15 hours that will still be available for all 3 and 4 year olds.
  • An additional 15 hour entitlement for working families.

These funded places are available from the term following the child’s third birthday.


For more information please click on the link Funding


Nursery Top Up 


For the 2017-18 academic year, for those parents who are not entitled to the extra 15 hours, the school is also able to offer parents the option to pay to top up their child’s part time place to a full time place.


For more information, please click on the link Top Up


In Year Admissions 


If you are moving into the area, you have arrived from another country or you want to transfer your child to another school, then please feel free to contact us to arrange a visit. If you wish to apply for a place in the school, applications must be made directly with Wandsworth Council.